Struggling to find the right help?

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entrepreneurial phases

The process of creating profiles

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the process

Who should join and why

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Does your organisation provide programmes and services focused on advancing entrepreneurship in the Western Cape?

How easy is it for potential clients to find you?

There are many lists and many directories containing some of the useful contacts in the ecosystem. We lack a truly comprehensive list. We need to know what is out there.

The first step towards stimulating entrepreneurship is mapping and measuring the existing entrepreneurial ecosystem, this includes the policy environment, financial capital and funding available, culture and societal norms, markets, human capital and support available. This analysis allows for diagnosis of potential challenges and opportunities that can be addressed through specific interventions.

The ecosystem map will be generated using this website ( where the various support organisations can continually create and update their own profiles, highlighting the services they offer and contact information.

The Western Cape Entrepreneurial Resource project specifically focusses on the support available to entrepreneurs, this include incubators, accelerators, training providers, finance providers, office space, consulting services, mentorship, shared equipment and many other services and support needed to get projects started and flourishing.

What will you get out of participation?

Inclusion in the website directory is voluntary, with no cost implications. By incorporating the mapping process into a fully searchable user-friendly website, we ensure that support organisations receive an immediate benefit from participation in the project; as well as ensuring that the ecosystem map is up to date and accurate. Entrepreneurial Support Organisations will receive increased exposure and networking opportunities with peers and other organisations within the ecosystem.

Please register your user account and create a profile for your organisation to be considered for inclusion in the directory.

The usefulness of the directory and the exposure you will receive for your organisation will depend on the quality and comprehensiveness of the directory. If you know of any support organisations not listed in the directory, encourage them to join, or alternatively contact us and we will invite them.

Why do we need this directory?

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Isn’t it frustrating to have an idea or a problem and to not know where to go for help?
You know there must be help out there, but where?

What do Adelaide, Toronto, Michigan, Qatar and Bogota (to name a view) have in common?
They’ve all jumpstarted a thriving entrepreneurial community in their cities and regions by asking: Who is supporting entrepreneurial development in our town/city/region?

We asked the same question, which led to more questions:

How would an entrepreneur know about the support they could get?
Where would one find the support organisations?
How would you know if they provide the services you need?
How can we both gather the information and share it with the people who actually need it?

By providing a user-friendly interface the directory ( aims to make it easy for entrepreneurs irrespective of the phase they are in to easily find the support they need. Simply go to the resources tab and browse the directory, alternatively use the basic search (search for a specific key word) or the advanced search options to find organisations meeting certain criteria.

If you know of any support organisations not listed in the directory, encourage them to join, or alternatively contact us and we will invite them.