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View Profile Innovate South Africa Innovate South Africa Innovate South Africa provides a platform to ignite creative thinking, to nurture invention and encourage entrepreneurship among young people. Programs include Innovate the Cape, a high school innovation challenge that gives youth the opportunity to solve local challenges by providing seed funding and mentorship, and Code for Cape Town, a web development program for girls
View Profile Forge Technologies Forge Technologies We are a team of critical thinkers, passionate about solving problems using innovation and technology. What makes us unique is that we're a custom software development company with in depth understanding of enterprise systems, business strategy, data intellegence and innovation, allowing us to work alongside industry experts to provide key tools delivering effective solutions.
View Profile The Greater Tygerberg Partnership The Greater Tygerberg Partnership The GTP facilitates the necessary partnerships and collaborative efforts between the private sector, civil society, academic institutions and all spheres of government. Our vision is to facilitate the creation and sustained existence of a vibrant, thriving, desirable and value-adding economically prosperous area, inclusively and innovatively. We identify opportunities for collaboration which attracts resources and unlocks economic potential in the area, showing that the region is a great place to: - do business - call home - visit for a unique dining, shopping and entertainment experience The Partnership is an advocate for all those who make the corridor part of their lives – from businesses to workers to residents. Currently, in collaboration with the City of Cape Town, we are focusing our efforts on the Voortrekker Road Corridor which has been identified as an Integration Zone. We are able to use our network of stakeholders, localized knowledge and our role as an idea-generating research body to contribute to the City’s Voortrekker Road Integration Zone Strategy and Investment Framework. While this framework will direct the local government investment in the area over the medium- and long-term, we are making short-term interventions that create a spirit of community, vibrancy and social cohesion in this inclusive and liveable African city.
View Profile Learn to Earn Learn to Earn Learn to Earn (LtE), is a skills development and job creation non-profit organisation situated in the Western Cape. Since the inception in 1989, we have trained more than 11 500 unemployed adults in market-relevant skills. With our motto of ‘a hand up – not a hand out,’ we seek to develop people, especially unemployed people, socially, economically, emotionally and spiritually. The vision is ‘to eradicate unemployment and other legacies of injustice in South Africa and Africa. Through its E³ initiative (Enterprise Enabling Environment), Learn to Earn (LtE) is making a determined effort to encourage entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses. This is done through a 3 year project-based mentorship programme that nurtures and equips entrepreneurial LtE graduates with sound technical and business skills to ensure a healthy approach to business.
View Profile Amy Biehl Foundation Amy Biehl Foundation The Amy Biehl Foundation is a non-profit organisation that offers programmes to develop and empower youth (5 – 18 years of age) living in the challenged and vulnerable communities within the Western Cape. There are huge inadequacies in the schools in which we work, creating a great need for our programmes. The programmes place a focus on the creative side of the child’s brain, and supplement the shortcomings of the educational system in the townships of South Africa.
View Profile Invenfin Invenfin Invenfin is an early-stage venture capital fund that looks at ventures across all industries. We are hands-on partners. Our experienced team works closely with management to help unlock opportunities and address their challenges. We only invest where we believe we can add real value. Our priority sectors are Technology and Food & Beverages. Our preference is businesses that have achieved meaningful market traction, are on-trend globally and are poised for rapid growth. We are particularly interested in businesses with strong intellectual property. A key focus is leveraging networks and enabling collaboration within our larger group. We are long-term investors. We invest off our own balance sheet and are therefore not constrained by a limited time horizon and stringent exit objectives.
View Profile Silvertree Capital Silvertree Capital Silvertree Capital supports and invests in startups targeting the South African and sub-Saharan African markets. Silvertree Capital builds real businesses — and that means more than merely providing office space and some token equity. In addition to substantial equity investment, and depending on the needs of your business, we can help with some or all of: - Access to large-scale investors for rapid growth - Professional management or management support - Business plan and model development, consulting and/or feedback - Marketing, logistics, IT, talent management and other support functions.
View Profile Thundafund PTY Ltd. Thundafund PTY Ltd. Thundafund is South Africa’s leading online Crowdfunding Café and marketplace for creatives and innovators. Through Thundafund, entrepreneurs with their respective projects & ideas can raise capital and build a supportive crowd of backers through the process of crowdfunding.
View Profile Neon Grey Creative Neon Grey Creative Neon Grey Creative Marketing is a Brand Experience Design Agency aimed at crafting and creating brand experiences through visual and digital marketing channels. We develop innovative brand strategies, design and marketing campaigns, and workshops to promote effective brand positioning, consistent, clear communication, and valuable stakeholder and customer relations for businesses, tailored to our clients’ needs. #BeBold
View Profile Take My Word Take My Word The Take My Word mission is to encourage communicating with clarity, impact and credibility in the established and start-up business arenas. Pitch and presentation messages as well as their meaningful delivery are Louise’s expertise. Her skill is to help you develop your messages and use them to your competitive advantage.
View Profile Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative The Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative (CiTi) is the oldest small business and entrepreneur incubator in tech and innovation in the Western Cape and has a proud tradition of success, excellence and innovation. Headed by CEO Ian Merrington, CiTi is continually evolving to meet the innovation, skills and enterprise development needs of the business sector. CiTi is based at the Bandwidth Barn in Woodstock, Cape Town, and has several highly successful incubator programmes well known for launching companies into the international landscape of sustainable success. CapaCiTi is CiTi’s flagship programme for job readiness and skills development, widely acknowledged as one of the best ICT skills development programmes in the country, with over 96% success in sustainable job placement. CapaCiTi provides unemployed graduates with coding and tech skills, psychological and mentoring support, corporate readiness training as well as finding and placing them in companies where both client and student are compatible with one another. This intense focus and partnership with student and corporate culminates in the long-standing success that CapaCiTi is enjoying. The Bandwidth Barn also provides office space and free event space for tech and ICT-related events
View Profile Creative Nestlings Creative Nestlings Creative Nestlings is a research and development company + creative network that focuses on the growth of young African creatives on the continent. Creative Nestlings works with young African creatives to establish their footprint in the creative economy and provides them with the tools to sustain it through their membership program, THE NEST. The aim of the company is to strengthen youth employment within the creative and cultural industries, and also showing the value of these industries within education and everyday life. The Creative Nestlings ethos focuses on nurturing a curious, creative, innovative and entrepreneurial mindset among the youth of the African continent.
View Profile INNOVUS INNOVUS Innovus is the university industry interaction and innovation company of Stellenbosch University. Innovus is responsible for technology transfer, entrepreneurial support and development and innovation at the University. We manage the commercialisation of the University's innovation and intellectual property portfolio through patenting, licensing, and formation of Spin-Out Companies. Innovus is also responsible for all intellectual property and commercialisation aspects of research agreements. Through our LaunchLab business incubator, we offer various services to and opportunities for entrepreneurs.
View Profile Open Africa Open Africa Open Africa is a social enterprise that works with small businesses to establish rural tourism routes that offer travellers authentic experiences, while generating income and jobs for local people
View Profile enke: Make Your Mark enke: Make Your Mark enke: Make Your Mark (enke) is a leadership development organization that generates and incubates youth-led social impact. We focus on developing the skills of youth to increase their effectiveness as leaders and their ability to contribute to a positive future. Our name “enke” is derived from the SeTswana word for “ink” and the SeSotho word for “take it”. This name reflects our philosophy and work that empowers young leaders to become the authors of their futures by leading change in their communities (making their mark). We do this by connecting, equipping, and inspiring young people to implement social impact projects that tackle issues that affect their communities. This contributes to developing effective young leaders – youth who have the desire and capability to access post-school opportunities, whether that’s an internship, employment, entrepreneurship, or civic leadership. Our leadership development programs provide young people with theoretical and practical skills that make it possible for them to become effective leaders in their communities – people who have the desire and ability to identify and access opportunities for a more positive future. We do this through leadership programs for high school youth, for post-school youth, and specialised services. We have been incubating youth-led social impact since 2009 and our expertise is in capacitating youth towards social innovation, social cohesion and social responsibility. We have trained over 1750 youth, generating over 600 social impact projects that have had a positive impact on over 40,000 people in communities across South Africa. Our goal is to equip thousands of effective young leaders through our products and services by expanding and replicating our model and partnering with other organisations to meet these targets in potential markets nationally and regionally.
View Profile finfind finfind Finfind is an online platform, developed for the SMME sector, which brings together the providers and seekers of small business finance with a focus on finance readiness.
View Profile SMEasy SMEasy SMEasy is an award-winning, online easy-to-use business management and accounting system for the small business market that’s specifically designed for people who don’t understand accounting. It is not like conventional accounting systems, whether cloud-based or desk-top based, which are developed by accountants for accountants and require accounting double-entry knowledge to use them. SMEasy has been developed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and requires no accounting knowledge to use it. SMEasy does quotes, invoices, payroll, complete money management, provides simple reports for the business owner and has an accountant dashboard which houses the financials. It is unique and differentiated from its competitors in that users simply have to enter basic information that they understand (such as what they bought or sold, to whom and how you paid). The system takes this simple information and automatically does the accounting double entries (debit and credits) in the system backend to produce the financials (GL and Trial Balance data).
View Profile Eco-Connect Eco-Connect Eco-connect is a pre-incubation program that helps young community entrepreneurs start green businesses. It was launched jointly by Comptoir de l’Innovation (CDI) and SA Business Resources Institute (SABRI). There is a compelling case to reduce youth unemployment and conserve scare environmental resources. To tackle these issues, Eco-connect provides an 8 months holistic entrepreneurial training, as well as business opportunities and support to help unemployed youth launch startups in the green economy. The program is divided into 4 phases of 2 months each : Ideation, Product Development, Business Administration training, and Business Launch. From learning to write a Business Plan to meeting financiers, the participants will embark on an entrepreneurial journey that will change their lives and their communities.
View Profile RLabs RLabs Reconstructed Living Lab (RLabs) is a global movement and registered Social Enterprise that provides innovative solutions to address various complex problems. It was founded by Marlon Parker in 2008 as an environment for community driven innovation and reconstruction.
View Profile Elemedic Medical Devices Elemedic Medical Devices Medical and Physiological Device Development, Research, Consultancy

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