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View Profile South African Business Resources Institute South African Business Resources Institute SA Business Resources Institute (SABRI) is a non-profit company that specialises in the facilitation of business resources that are required to establish, grow and increase the sustainability of SMEs and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). SABRI provides a holistic service ranging from compliance and marketing support to strategic interventions. SABRI prides itself in being hands-on in the organisations that the company supports, helping to develop administrative and financial management tools to manage business risk and mitigate against business failure. The company’s skills development programmes are aimed at facilitating job creation through placement (in partnership with other organisations) and enterprise development. SABRI is a goal oriented organisation and also provides a monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment service for organisations that are focused on achieving measurable outcomes, and value accountability.
View Profile Endeavor South Africa Endeavor South Africa Endeavor is leading the high-impact entrepreneurship movement around the world. Endeavor partners with high-impact entrepreneurs who are transforming customer behaviour, industries, regions and countries; those with the biggest dreams and most scalable businesses. Our unique offering enables entrepreneurs to break through barriers, allowing them to build thriving companies, create thousands of jobs, and become role models for future pioneers.
View Profile GirlHype GirlHype Girlhype a registered NPO (045-698) that aims to empower girls and youth in the ICT sector in South Africa. We aim to provide fun, hands-on opportunities for girls and women to get engaged with technology.
View Profile Workshop 17 Workshop 17 This is a space where start-ups and experienced companies, profit and non-profit, small and large, can come together to collaborate and innovate to develop new solutions for Africa – both big and small. Workshop17 is a V&A Waterfront owned and funded initiative, run on behalf of the V&A Waterfront by Open. Workshop17 is a hub that exists to accelerate innovation and entrepreneurship for a positive social and economic change.The space facilitates a community of passionate, innovative and interesting people, learning and working together to create new solutions. It is a place that allows for the interaction between the public, entrepreneurs, innovators, makers, and made products, as well as between disciplines, sectors and cultures.
View Profile Heartcapital Heartcapital By investing through Heart Capital, social investors have the rare chance to blend their philanthropic passion with profit seeking investment strategies to generate lasting impact with their capital. Heartcapital trade social franchise licenses between first tier impact investors and second tier grantmakers. The portfolio of micro-francise licenses include: 1. FoodPods: FoodPods provides people living in townships with innovative infrastructure, training, and support they need to start and run micro-agri-businesses. 2. Homes with Heart: Homes with Heart enables unskilled people to build safe and secure, low cost housing using alternative building methods 3. Wonder Plant: Wonder Plant tackles poverty alleciation and carbon reduction by establishing Spekboom tree nurseries in townships through a franchise model.
View Profile Angelhub Ventures Angelhub Ventures Angelhub Ventures is an early stage Venture Capital firm, operating out of Stellenbosch in South Africa. We are passionate about early stage investments in (South) Africa. We believe in building great businesses and we are in it for the long haul. Depending on the stage of your business and the needs of your team, we provide support in a wide range of areas, varying from strategic advice to operational assistance, incl. legal, accounting and financial assistance from our trusted suppliers.
View Profile Visions2Ventures Visions2Ventures Visions2Ventures is an African-centred venture capital and bespoke advisory firm focused on high impact tech entrepreneurs.
View Profile TSiBA (The Tertiary School in Business Administration) TSiBA (The Tertiary School in Business Administration) The Tertiary School in Business Administration (TSiBA) was founded in 2004 with a vision to “Ignite Opportunity”. Our mission is to be an innovative learning community that graduates entrepreneurial leaders who ignite opportunity and social change. TSiBA is a unique private, not for profit business school that helps people who cannot access opportunities to jump ahead in life. TSiBA does this by providing emerging leaders an opportunity to study high quality, accredited academic courses that are focused on developing entrepreneurship and leadership. Our aim is to provide excellent business education for people with a social conscience who have the desire and the skills to build our nation. For this reason, we do not require our students to pay us back for their scholarships but rather to Pay it Forward. TSiBA is registered and accredited with the Department of Education as a private higher education institution (No: 2007/HE08/001). TSiBA is also registered as a Public Benefit Organisation (No: 930014613). We currently have an urban campus in Pinelands, Cape Town and a rural campus, TSIBA Eden, in the town of Karatara, near Knysna.
View Profile The SABLE Accelerator LLC The SABLE Accelerator LLC The international partnership group, The Sable Accelerator LLC (SABLE), is dedicated to helping South African entrepreneurs, new venture start-ups, academic institutions, and companies commercialize technology innovations, promote and protect intellectual property, fund new business concepts, finance growth, as well as expand into global markets. A core group of SABLE founders and consultants is based in Silicon Valley, the world’s premier destination for new venture formation, incubation, funding, accelerated growth, liquidity and technology partnering, or licensing. These individuals, all born, schooled, or raised in South Africa, have global business and life experience, are based in North America, and offer a wide range of capabilities and professional competencies. Among them: Business Modeling, Finance, Operations, R&D, Marketing, Distribution, Sales, Business Development, Venture Funding, Talent Sourcing, Legal / IP protection, Accounting / Tax / Auditing
View Profile Fetola Fetola Fetola are enterprise and supplier development specialists with 30 years experience. We support the growth of small and medium sized enterprises and assist them to become independent, thriving businesses and qualified suppliers. We are passionate about creating a more equitable and thriving economy, providing corporate clients with value-adding enterprise & supplier development solutions, and helping SMEs succeed. Fetola provides added-value to our corporate clients in the form of reputation and brand-building opportunities - using our in-house media team, sponsorship & advertising solutions. Youth, Women and SME audiences are a particular focus.
View Profile SA Teen Entrepreneur SA Teen Entrepreneur The SA Teen Entrepreneur Foundation is a registered NPO Trust. The vision of the Foundation is to cultivate and promote an entrepreneurial spirit amongst high school learners across South Africa through interactive seminars, workshops, conferences, and exhibitions. We target primarily high schools, but also interact with universities, churches, and youth centres to promote entrepreneurship and enterprise development amongst our youth.
View Profile Caban Investments Caban Investments Caban (pronounced kah-baan) is a company born from authentic passion to enable entrepreneurs to succeed in business. Intrigued where the name Caban comes from? It encapsulates our collective value system and the way we do business. A core focus is to invest in high-growth opportunities to maximise returns for shareholders, at the same time also providing a comprehensive service offering to cover all your business needs. From small start-ups to larger companies, we offer the entire spectrum of service offerings, literally. Once the basics of business building are taken care of (finances, strategies, business plans etc), we then ensure your business is visible through all applicable channels. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach at Caban. Every business is unique and requires the right platform for the right audience. Visit our website, where more detail is provided on what we can do to make your idea a reality, in turn generating income and working towards a successful and thriving business. Caban is a collaboration of like-minded entrepreneurs, each with substantial experience, expertise and know-how to focus on those areas where your business needs focus. We thrive on building people, we embrace the concept of social capitalism, and we are here to show you the win-win scenario in action.
View Profile Nnfinity Nnfinity NNFINITY EXISTS TO... ensure the sustainable growth of female entrepreneurs through relationships, networks and business knowledge sharing. nnfinity is a social enterprise seeking to use its relationships and networks to create wider networks of female entrepreneurs across the African continent. Through this broad network, female African entrepreneurs are empowered to explore opportunities for collaboration, trade and growth thus furthering their own and nnfinity’s vision.
View Profile Code4CT Code4CT Code4CT is an 18 month program for high school girls that introduces them to coding, design thinking and the possibilities in the tech industry. We aim to equip young women entering the labour force with tech and problem solving skills because we want to see a thriving and diverse innovation environment in South Africa, with young South Africans able to define solutions to local challenges. The Code4CT program has three key outcomes: to develop skills, shift perceptions and ensure an enabling environment. The curriculum develops skills in: Web development; Design Thinking and Professional Communication. Through working on real life projects, engaging with female mentors and being exposed to a wide range of different tech companies, we show girls that: coding is creative; women can thrive in tech careers and that coding is a powerful tool for social impact. The program ensures that girls have access to devices, connectivity and creative learning spaces; an enabling network of tutors and mentors; and bursaries & internships to be able to achieve the dreams we hope the program inspires in them.
View Profile Project CodeX Project CodeX codeX grows highly skilled software developers - trains in all skills required to build tech careers, which goes beyond industry standard open-source programming languages. We place our graduates into internships and permanent positions at tech companies around Cape Town.
View Profile Shift ONE Shift ONE Shift ONE is a creative, integrated marketing agency that helps businesses get noticed, and get more customers. From websites, graphic design, SEO, Google, Adwords, Lead Generation, Persona Marketing to events, PR, social media and content marketing. One of our specialities is digital marketing or online marketing. We are able to deliver a digital service that has a tangible, measurable effect on your marketing ROI. We are passionate about creating the optimal user experience, which always improves the bottom line. We are a one-stop-shop so you don’t have to deal with 5 different companies – only one key account manager who will move heaven and earth for you.
View Profile Stellenbosch Innovation District Stellenbosch Innovation District The Stellenbosch Innovation District aims to change not just the physical environment of Stellenbosch and surrounds but also the mind-sets and perceptions of the communities living there. The approach they are taking to meet this challenging task is innovative. This is not a project that can be fulfilled with traditional design alone but rather a mix of designs across various elements of the project. Most importantly, the project advocates the need for social and institutional design to achieve social and economic development. The SID hopes to turn Stellenbosch into a smart and sustainable town by 2020. To do this, the project has four core focus areas. The first is the design of an online innovation system and smart projects matrix that allows for the exchange of innovations, ideas and resources, sharing ideas and showcasing specific projects. Design networks and eco-systems will be developed to enable collaboration of existing and new projects and bridge the gap between communities in the area. By using design to improve spaces and create new urban nodes of innovation within the area, SID aims to bridge the divide between the spaces and places that have and those that have not. The SID is about using social design to transform the perceptions of communities living side by side, developing a culture of collaboration through innovative ideas – a goal far more challenging than just changing the spatial design of an area. With a pioneering model where South African solutions can be invented, tested and shared towards creating a knowledge economy in South Africa and on the entire African continent, the SID aims to take African innovation and use collaboration to turn it into a global conversation.
View Profile GreenCape GreenCape GreenCape is a not - for - profit organisation established by the Western Cape Government and The City of Cape Town to unlock the manufacturing and employment potential in the Green Economy in the Western Cape.
View Profile //KE Communications //KE Communications //KE Communications provides PR and communications packages, writing services and media strategies to the industry at large, but for social enterprises in particular. We promote social cohesion by offering #unfenceSA events and dialogues and facilitating community storytelling and healing processes. We believe that in the next twenty years, ordinary South Africans from all income and race groups will be the heroes who will finally unfence the nation from racism and economic injustice. We will do this by living together, doing business together, and building healthy communities together.
View Profile OutsourcedCFO OutsourcedCFO OutsourcedCFO is a financial management boutique that renders a technical and visionary financial function service to ambitious SMEs. Our talented and passionate team of purpose driven CAs and financial professionals help entrepreneurs to rethink, automate and scale their companies in the pursuit of business eminence.

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