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View Profile South African Renewable Energy Business Incubator (sarebi) South African Renewable Energy Business Incubator (sarebi) SAREBI is a business incubator funded by SEDA Technology Programme (STP). SAREBI focuses on providing non-financial assistance to entrepreneurs in the renewable energy industry. Currently based in Cape Town, it is foreseen that SAREBI will, in due course, provide this service to other areas. SAREBI focusses on entrepreneurs in the greater renewable, clean, sustainable and efficient energy sectors. SAREBI is positioned to provide enterprise development services to energy procurement companies and developers in the REIPPP sector as well as the ESCO Sector. A substantial part of the enterprise development activities are focused towards enhancing the commercial viability of existing entrepreneurs that deliver services into these sectors.
View Profile Silicon Cape Initiative Silicon Cape Initiative The Silicon Cape Initiative is a community of tech entrepreneurs, developers, creatives, angel investors, and VC's who are passionate about entrepreneurship and the roles they can play in the future of South Africa. The Silicon Cape Initiative is a non-profit, community owned and driven movement, that aims to improve the environment in the Western Cape to create more and better startups as well as increase access to capital. Their website and events offers an invaluable resource for all tech entrepreneurs.
View Profile Social Enterprise Academy Social Enterprise Academy The Social Enterprise Academy provides learning and development for individuals and organisations working for social purpose, so that they can increase their social impact and ensure financial sustainability. The Academy provides leadership, enterprise and social impact programmes that can lead to internationally recognised qualifications.
View Profile STARTUP 90 STARTUP 90 STARTUP 90 manages sector-focused accelerator programs that prepare high-growth seed and early-stage startups to accelerate and scale their businesses. Our 90 day program assists entrepreneurs with customer, business model and revenue model development and is geared to reduce the market and technology risk associated with technology startups. This is achieved through structured Accelerator Programs which combine entrepreneurship development, mentoring and business incubation, which take place in a shared work space environment based in Woodstock, Cape Town.
View Profile South African Business Resources Institute South African Business Resources Institute SA Business Resources Institute (SABRI) is a non-profit company that specialises in the facilitation of business resources that are required to establish, grow and increase the sustainability of SMEs and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). SABRI provides a holistic service ranging from compliance and marketing support to strategic interventions. SABRI prides itself in being hands-on in the organisations that the company supports, helping to develop administrative and financial management tools to manage business risk and mitigate against business failure. The company’s skills development programmes are aimed at facilitating job creation through placement (in partnership with other organisations) and enterprise development. SABRI is a goal oriented organisation and also provides a monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment service for organisations that are focused on achieving measurable outcomes, and value accountability.
View Profile SA Teen Entrepreneur SA Teen Entrepreneur The SA Teen Entrepreneur Foundation is a registered NPO Trust. The vision of the Foundation is to cultivate and promote an entrepreneurial spirit amongst high school learners across South Africa through interactive seminars, workshops, conferences, and exhibitions. We target primarily high schools, but also interact with universities, churches, and youth centres to promote entrepreneurship and enterprise development amongst our youth.
View Profile Shift ONE Shift ONE Shift ONE is a creative, integrated marketing agency that helps businesses get noticed, and get more customers. From websites, graphic design, SEO, Google, Adwords, Lead Generation, Persona Marketing to events, PR, social media and content marketing. One of our specialities is digital marketing or online marketing. We are able to deliver a digital service that has a tangible, measurable effect on your marketing ROI. We are passionate about creating the optimal user experience, which always improves the bottom line. We are a one-stop-shop so you don’t have to deal with 5 different companies – only one key account manager who will move heaven and earth for you.
View Profile Stellenbosch Innovation District Stellenbosch Innovation District The Stellenbosch Innovation District aims to change not just the physical environment of Stellenbosch and surrounds but also the mind-sets and perceptions of the communities living there. The approach they are taking to meet this challenging task is innovative. This is not a project that can be fulfilled with traditional design alone but rather a mix of designs across various elements of the project. Most importantly, the project advocates the need for social and institutional design to achieve social and economic development. The SID hopes to turn Stellenbosch into a smart and sustainable town by 2020. To do this, the project has four core focus areas. The first is the design of an online innovation system and smart projects matrix that allows for the exchange of innovations, ideas and resources, sharing ideas and showcasing specific projects. Design networks and eco-systems will be developed to enable collaboration of existing and new projects and bridge the gap between communities in the area. By using design to improve spaces and create new urban nodes of innovation within the area, SID aims to bridge the divide between the spaces and places that have and those that have not. The SID is about using social design to transform the perceptions of communities living side by side, developing a culture of collaboration through innovative ideas – a goal far more challenging than just changing the spatial design of an area. With a pioneering model where South African solutions can be invented, tested and shared towards creating a knowledge economy in South Africa and on the entire African continent, the SID aims to take African innovation and use collaboration to turn it into a global conversation.
View Profile Silvertree Capital Silvertree Capital Silvertree Capital supports and invests in startups targeting the South African and sub-Saharan African markets. Silvertree Capital builds real businesses — and that means more than merely providing office space and some token equity. In addition to substantial equity investment, and depending on the needs of your business, we can help with some or all of: - Access to large-scale investors for rapid growth - Professional management or management support - Business plan and model development, consulting and/or feedback - Marketing, logistics, IT, talent management and other support functions.
View Profile SMEasy SMEasy SMEasy is an award-winning, online easy-to-use business management and accounting system for the small business market that’s specifically designed for people who don’t understand accounting. It is not like conventional accounting systems, whether cloud-based or desk-top based, which are developed by accountants for accountants and require accounting double-entry knowledge to use them. SMEasy has been developed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and requires no accounting knowledge to use it. SMEasy does quotes, invoices, payroll, complete money management, provides simple reports for the business owner and has an accountant dashboard which houses the financials. It is unique and differentiated from its competitors in that users simply have to enter basic information that they understand (such as what they bought or sold, to whom and how you paid). The system takes this simple information and automatically does the accounting double entries (debit and credits) in the system backend to produce the financials (GL and Trial Balance data).
View Profile Small Business Insight Small Business Insight Small Business Insight conducts research and intelligence on entrepreneurship in emerging markets, including: A weekly blog on entrepreneurship policies in emerging market, published every Thursday on Commissioned research reports on entrepreneurship and small business policies. Commissioned media articles, press releases, thought leadership pieces on small business and entrepreneurship. Regular policy profiles of small business support programmes and policies in emerging markets.
View Profile SnappSales (Pty) Ltd SnappSales (Pty) Ltd Advanced Inbound Marketing. B2B Lead Generation Services
View Profile Spoofy WEBSITES Spoofy WEBSITES Web Design and Hosting
View Profile Startup Safari Startup Safari Startup Safari is a travel immersion accelerator program that connects African entrepreneurs to the fastest growing entrepreneurial eco-systems around the globe. Our mission is to foster cross border mentorship, collaborations and investment.
View Profile Social Investment Africa Social Investment Africa Social Investment Africa's mission is to identify, invest in and grow South Africa's promising social enterprises and township entrepreneurs. Social Investment Africa is a Non-Profit Organisation.
View Profile Savant Technology Incubator NPC Savant is a highly specialised and commercially-focused hardware technology incubator. We grow South African start-ups based on science and technology innovation – focusing on projects with global market appeal, strong Intellectual Property protection, and technology capable of meeting the requirements of the target market.

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