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View Profile Knife Capital Knife Capital Knife Capital is a leading Southern African Venture Capital investor focusing on technology-enabled ventures for a sustainable impact on innovation, job creation and growth. In addition to its core fund management activities, Knife Capital provides consulting, training and business acceleration services to high-growth ventures in Southern Africa.
View Profile Khulisa Social Solutions Khulisa Social Solutions Khulisa Social Solutions (Khulisa) combines the investments and experiences of both the public (government) and the private sector – corporations, foundations, non-governmental organisations (NGOs, NPOs CBOs) and SMMEs, universities, local businesses and diaspora groups – leveraging their capital and investments, creativity and its access to communities to solve the complex social problems facing our country. Over almost two decades, Khulisa has continued to develop programmes according to the needs of the complex situations and community settings, where our work continues to expand. In addition, we have been commissioned on a contractual basis to develop local and international programmes for government departments and international funders. Many of our programmes are award winning and have been acclaimed best practice models. Khulisa is an accredited training organisation with ETDP SETA, with a number of our programmes soon to be accredited in their own right. Some courses will be accredited through the University of Free State (UFS) thereby carrying university credits of international standing. These accredited courses will play a significant role in Recognition for Prior Learning; create favour for Higher education applications and internships. Individuals will be equipped with skills designed to positively influence self-sustainability and boost entrepreneurs. Some of the shorter courses provided to school going children during the former part of 2016 will also be accredited. Receiving training of note at a young age can only positively impact South Africa with a ripple effect worldwide. Khulisa has identified mentorship both locally and globally, as a means for individuals to impart their knowledge and skills to suitably matched mentees drawn from a pool of beneficiary groups in marginalised communities throughout South Africa and by doing significantly enhancing the lives of underprivileged community members through the creation of micro-enterprise and jobs, stimulating innovation, enhancing IT technology, creating and developing social human capital and improving education prospects for young people in need of personal guidance from ‘somebody out there’. Our mentorship intervention takes a cross cultural approach based on our understanding of the different societal and cultural differences of the people involved.

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