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View Profile Furntech Furntech FURNTECH is South Africa’s only Centre of Excellence for the furniture industry and is the first port of call for anyone looking for information on business incubation and / or skills development in furniture manufacturing. The two components which form Furntech’s integrated service are: * Business Technology Incubation of small and micro enterprises (SME’s) * Vocational Skills Development These services are available at all Furntech Centres which are spread around the country. Through these centres, Furntech is well positioned to fulfil its national mandate of improving skills levels in the industry, raising the level of global competitiveness, stimulating job and SME creation and transferring new technologies to industry partners.
View Profile Fetola Fetola Fetola are enterprise and supplier development specialists with 30 years experience. We support the growth of small and medium sized enterprises and assist them to become independent, thriving businesses and qualified suppliers. We are passionate about creating a more equitable and thriving economy, providing corporate clients with value-adding enterprise & supplier development solutions, and helping SMEs succeed. Fetola provides added-value to our corporate clients in the form of reputation and brand-building opportunities - using our in-house media team, sponsorship & advertising solutions. Youth, Women and SME audiences are a particular focus.
View Profile Forge Technologies Forge Technologies We are a team of critical thinkers, passionate about solving problems using innovation and technology. What makes us unique is that we're a custom software development company with in depth understanding of enterprise systems, business strategy, data intellegence and innovation, allowing us to work alongside industry experts to provide key tools delivering effective solutions.
View Profile finfind finfind Finfind is an online platform, developed for the SMME sector, which brings together the providers and seekers of small business finance with a focus on finance readiness.

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